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In my work, I seek to communicate the emotions that my sensory experiences, nature, and seasons generate in my mind. My inspiration comes from synaesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which sensations and emotions are associated with colors. In my paintings and drawings, the subject's colors are disconnected from reality to show a new world of sensations that are being created in my mind.


I capture my subject’s details and forms to interpret them in an expressionist style, close to abstraction. The patterns of the natural colors change according to the emotion they create in my mind - the pink petal turns yellow, the red vein turns green, and so on.


I first sketch the patterns of the living model or photograph, then paints large colored areas with a brush or knife. I finish by tracing the contours and shapes of the subject directly from the bottles, and let the paint drips on the sides to give three-dimensional depth to the painting. I also add paste or cotton fabric to give more texture to the scene and recall the natural look of vegetation. My intention is to give the idea that the work is a "tectonic plate" carved in the landscape, or a piece of the puzzle of reality.

Anne-Sylvie Groleau

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