Tea Time

36 x 48 inches

Acrylic on canvas


In my Tea Time painting, I show orchids blooming on their stems. Their shades of sweet pink, butter-yellow and creamy purples remind me of the pastries, biscuits and macaroons served at tea time that I stage on a soft green shiny background evoking warm and comforting tea. The branches remind me the tiered trays on which pastries are served.


This painting is part of my Garden of flavors series, which invite you into a larger-than-life universe where the senses mingle. In these paintings, I wanted to illustrate the associations that are created in my mind between flavors and colors. I fixed them on the canvas to remember the flavors I shown using different colors. I illustrated how the fruit flavors become liquid blue, sweet pink and succulent yellow tones, and vice versa, how the colorful flower petals can form great delicious waves in my mind and remind me of the fruit, candy and pastry tastes.


The patterns of the painting continue on the 1½in sides. It is strung with picture cords ready to hang.

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