40 x 30 inches

Acrylic & cotton fiber on canvas


Nassau evokes the Bahamas. It shows an illuminated palm tree in the tropical night. The waving patterns recall the wind and storms of the Atlantic islands, while the white and purple lines evoke the lightning that illuminates the sky. The vertical and horizontal lines in the background evoke hurricane rain. The scene recalls yellow and black lace behind which ghosts seem to emerge, refers to the story of Providence Island, populated by pirates and buccaneers.


This painting, which is part of my Tropical Fiber series, is a testimony of my synesthesia, showing how the joy of living under a tropical sky is associated with brilliant yellow, and how the palm tree rustling creates hundreds of purple and orange dots in my mind, like those I have scattered on the web. It was done by first adding cotton fabric to the canvas, then pouring acrylic paint directly from the bottle.

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