Diptych 30 x 15 & 30 x 40 inches

Acrylic on canvas


In the Moonlight Diptych, I staged the crystalline beauty of frosted vegetation under a beautiful full moon, which I placed on a deep black and immaculate white background. I imagined the poetic notes of a piano sonata played forever by nature. To show them, I used bright red, warm magenta, bright yellow, sparkling green, and silky blue shades under which bare willow branches come to happily vibrate.


This painting is part of my Polar Garden series which invites you into a world of frost and snow on a black and white background, that I warm up with bright colors. In this series I have sought to illustrate how the feel or smell of frozen forest and winter become colors in my mind, creating joyful stories of living nature, beneficent fairies and holiday magic.


The patterns of the painting continue on the 1½in sides. It is strung with picture cords ready to hang.

© 2017 ASG

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