18 x 24 inches

Acrylic and cotton fiber on canvas


In the painting Camouflage, I show forest leaves stretching in the refreshing softness of the undergrowth. This painting was inspired by a visit to a beautiful Japanese garden in Montreal in a warm summer day. It recalls the forest mystery by suggesting the existence of magical and benevolent beings hiding behind the foliage.


This painting is part of my Sun Garden series that invites you into a sun-kissed botanical universe where the senses and emotions mingle. In these paintings, I illustrated the associations that are created between smells, sounds and emotions. In Camouflage, I showed how the scents of the summer undergrowth combine with the merry green and yellow, and how the leave rustling creates hundreds of bright red and pink dots in my mind, like the ones I scattered on the canvas. It was done by first adding cotton fabric to the canvas, then pouring acrylic paint directly from the bottle.

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