30 x 40 inches

Acrylic on canvas


In the Mandala painting, I wanted to present the ephemeral but sacred aspect of nature. Placed on a rich-burgundy and soft-violet velvet layout, the delicate and quivering petals of a peony are rising like praying fingers. They are moving in a bright-yellow, sparkling-green, energetic-red and shimmering-orange whirlpool. These joyful colors remind us some fragrant flowers-offering set on a sacred shrine. I enshrined them in scrolls of a silky incense-like black color to create a stained-glass window effect that remind us the big cathedrals. Drops of all colors are bouncing off the petals like the echo of a happy love song. Creamy-toffee and warm-magenta tones are illuminating the flower gold nugget-like heart and are creating a spiral that gently brings us to the heart center where we can find Mother Nature’s benevolent eye calmly watching over us.


This painting is part of my Sun Garden series that invites you into a sun-kissed botanical universe where the senses and emotions mingle. In these paintings, I illustrated the associations that are created between smells, emotions of joy and love and colors in my mind. I fixed them on the canvas to remember the smells and emotions I experienced, which I translated into shimmering and cheerful colors. I show how fragrant scents of undergrowth combine with tasty and fruity blue, sweet and frosty pink, and cheery yellow tones, and how petal and leaf patterns can form emotional and textured waves in my mind.

The patterns of the painting continue on the 1½in sides. It is strung with picture cords ready to hang.

© 2017 ASG

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